The purpose of this chapter is to systematically go through all possible errors that might have occurred during the installation. Follow the scheme below to locate the problem in your installation. The monitor is considered working if the On/Off button is lit up, and the menu choices can be seen.

Trouble Possible Error Action
No picture at all (black) The monitor is not switched on. Turn the monitor on with the On/Off (power) button.

The monitor does not have power connected to it. Start the car to make sure the cigarette lighter socket is supplying power.

Make sure the cigarette adapter is pushed all the way in the socket (the red LED is lit up on the cigarette adapter).

Make sure the other end of the cigarette adapter is connected to the monitor.

Make sure the cigarette adapter button is pressed.
No picture (No signal) No antenna on the camera. Make sure the black antenna is mounted on the back of the camera and that it is tightly fastened.

Incorrect channel chosen. Choose the channel on the monitor.

The camera is supplied with power (the IRLEDs glow in the dark) but you still receive no signal. Make sure that the antenna is thoroughly attached to the back of the camera, pair the camera and monitor.

The camera is not supplied with power (the IR-LEDs do not glow in the dark). Make sure the powerbank battery is charged and correctly attached

The power source is not capable of supplying enough power. Make sure that the joints are carefully put together. Further, make sure that the power cable is not broken or pinched.

The signal is not good enough. Angle the camera’s antenna differently or place the camera differently.
Black & white picture Pale colors or black & white picture. In dark conditions the IR-LEDs will automatically switch on and this results in pale colors. In pitch black surroundings the picture will become black & white.