farmCam 2.0 is a free APP for your Android and iOS mobile device. With this software you can view your farmCam HD Cameras.

Add new device

The first  time you log in to the farmCam 2.0 app, you will see the screen shown below,  tap” Add New Device” and you will be directed to the built in QR scanner to  scan the QR code located on your Receiver or you may input the information  manually. 

QR Code on  Receiver


User Name:   admin

Default  Password:  12345


(Password  can later be changed in the device settings or is already set on your  receiver).


Tap the  save button at the top-right to save your configuration. The app will verify  and test your connection, when successfully added, click the video picture  (Preview button).


Tap the  “Buy Additional Camera” button to purchase extra cameras for your system.

Live View Screen

Various options on live view screen

1. Menu - tap  this to get the access to device overview and settings.

2. Preview -  Tap this to access live view mode, a blue boarder will surround the currently  selected channel. Double tap the selected channel, you will get full screen,  double tap again to return.

3. Play/Pause  - Tap this to play and pause your live stream.

4. Sound –  Tap this to turn on/off audio.

5. Capture -  Tap this to get a snapshot to the selected channel and save it directly to your  mobile device.

6. Record –  Tap this to record video from selected channel directly to your mobile device,  tap again to stop recording.

7. Screens –  You can select to view 1 or 4 channels at the same time.

8. Video  Quality – Tap this to change the image quality of live view, Fluent  (720P)/Clear (1080P), clear mode will consume more bandwidth, and if you select  clear mode, please note, only one channel at a timecan be viewed.

9. Full  Screen: Tap this to view in full screen. (As shown in the second image above).

10. Playback:  Tap this to search and play recorded video.


Tap the  “Playback” button on the screen below:


Then tap  the channel list button (upper right corner) to choose the channel to search.

Tap on the  date to bring up calendar, choose date and tap done to show the recordings from  the selected date. Scroll to the selected time. You may choose the between  alarm, normal or manual based on your receiver settings. Press play to see the  recorded file.


You can  also take screenshot or record to your mobile phone and toggle sound on/off and  choose the quality. Tap cloud icon to bring up more detailed times of the  recording in which you can download more specific videos and times of your  choice.

Device settings

Click the gear  box to enter the settings