If you want  the Receiver to send email alerts as alarm events are detected, you need to  configure an outgoing email server for the Receiver and choose an email address  for it. 

We recommend creating a dedicated Gmail account specifically for the  Receiver. Note! If you experience problems with email notifications set the  Gmail security level to “Allow less secure apps” at  https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps 

SMTP  Server: You can choose a smtp-server of your choice. We recommend using Gmail  (smtp.gmail.com). 

SMTP Port:  The SMTP port used by the email provider of your choice. The default for Gmail  is 465. 

Sender  Address: The address you are sending the email from. This will be the username  you have set up for the email server you are using, For example:  “youraddress@gmail.com” or similar. 

Password:  The password for the outgoing email account. 

Recipient  Address: The email address you want the receiver to send emails to. Up to three  email addresses can get motion notifications. 

Interval:  The length of time that must elapse after the receiver sends an email alert  before it will send another. 

Attach  Picture: Check this box to send a picture attachment via email. 

Email test:  To check if you have set up the email alerts properly, click the Test button.  After a short delay, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox (Recipient  Address) informing you that email alerts from the receiver has been set up. If  the test is unsuccessful, please check your sender’s address/password and  recipient’s address(es) and try again. Please also make sure to set the Gmail  security level to “Allow less secure apps”.