The camera can record videos on an SD card (inside the camera) triggered by the PIR motion sensor of the camera. Note that you cannot schedule video recording for FarmCam Mobility (article no. 1086).

Note: This function will only work if the PIR motion sensor is activated. 

Please see the following link for instructions on how to change the PIR-settings:

Step 1

Launch the app FarmCam 2.0 and ensure that PIR is activated.

Choose the camera whose recording settings you wish to edit. Select Device Settings (the cogwheel) and then select Camera Recording.

Step 2

If you want the camera to record only during certain hours of the day you can change the recording schedule.

Step 3

You can choose if the schedule should apply to person, vehicle and/or others under Detection type.

Select the day whose schedule you want to edit. You can set when the recording function should be enabled and disabled. If you want the same schedule on multiple days you can copy the schedule. In the example below, the schedule has been copied from Sunday to Monday.

Step 4

You can also set a "Post-Motion Record Duration" to 8 or 15 or 30 seconds. Here an example what that means: If you set it to 8 seconds and an object that has triggered a recording has just disappeared out of the field of view of the camera, the camera continues to record for 8 seconds after this object has left the field of view of the camera.

Step 5

When Overwrite is activated, older videos will be overwritten when the storage is full.