You can activate the siren. The siren will sound when the camera detects movement.

Note: The siren will not work if PIR is inactivated.

See the following link for instructions on how to change the PIR-settings:

Step 1

Launch the app FarmCam 2.0 and ensure that PIR is activated. Choose the camera whose siren-settings you wish to edit. Select Device Settings (the cogwheel) and then select Siren.

Step 2

Activate the siren and edit your settings. 

Step 3

You can decide what sound the siren should make, You can either choose the default setting or custom the siren's sound. When you choose a custom siren sound, you can record for up to 5 seconds.

Step 4

If you want the alarm to sound only during certain hours of the day you can change the recording schedule.

You can choose if the schedule should apply to person, vehicle and/or others under Detection type.

Select the day whose schedule you want to edit. You can set when the siren should be enabled and disabled. If you want the same schedule on multiple days you can copy the schedule. In the example below, the schedule has been copied from Sunday to Monday.