Scene Mode makes it possible for you to choose which cameras should be active during a certain situation. You can adapt which alarms should be active and whether the cameras should record or not. As an example, you can choose to deactivate all your cameras' alarms when you are at home and activate the alarms when you are away from home.

Step 1

To create a scene, open the FarmCam 2.0 app. Make sure you are at the top of the list of your cameras. Then drag the screen downwards to reveal Scene Modes.

Step 2

Click on Scene Modes to add a new scene.
Choose a name for the scene and an icon. The icon alternatives can be seen below.

Select which cameras should be active for the scene and customise their alarm settings according to your needs. See the image below for an explanation of the different symbols.

Then click Save.

Step 3

To see your saved scenes, swipe the screen down when you're at the top of the list of your devices.
To add more scenes, click on the plus sign.

When you select a scene, the app will notify you if the setting to the desired mode has been successful.

Step 4

To edit or delete an already created scenes, press and hold the icon until a box appears (see below). The button on the left allows you to edit an already created scene. You can delete a scene by clicking on the trash can.