Problem Possible error Action
  1. I can’t see the camera image on the monitor
  1. The monitor is completely dark.
  3. The monitor is dark but the red power indicator on the monitor is lit.
  5. The monitor is showing “No Signal”.
  1. There is no power to the monitor.
    1. Make sure the machine engine is running to provide power to the outlet.
    3. Check the power connection to the monitor. If the cigarette adapter is used, the red LED on the adapter will indicate if there is power to the adapter.
    5. Check so the monitor cable end is connected to the cable end which is connected to the power source.
  3. The monitor is not powered on. Press the circular button for 3 seconds.
  5. There is no camera transmitting to the selected channel
    1. Make sure the antennas are fastened on the camera and the monitor, respectively.
    3. Use the arrow buttons to loop through the channels to find the channel the camera is transmitting on.
    5. Make sure the camera is receiving power. A red LED above the camera lens will be lit if the power is connected.
    7. Try to pair the camera with the monitor again (see the “Adding a camera” section)
    9. Move the camera closer to the monitor to see if it’s a distance problem (go to (3) in this section).
  1. There is a screeching noise from the monitor
  1. The camera and monitor are too close to eachother, creating audio feedback
  1. Move the camera further from the monitor or lower the volume (see the “Menu options/Volume” section).
  1. The frame rate is low
  1. The camera and the monitor are too far apart, or have too much attenuating material in between.
  1. Create a better signal path between the camera and the monitor.
    1. Move the camera or the monitor slightly to achieve clear line of sight.
    3. Use the extended antenna (art. no. 5027).
  1. The picture is black and white
  1. The IR light is on.
  3. The color settings need to be adjusted.
  1. The IR switches on in dark conditions. Try to get more light into the camera lens.
  3. See the “Menu options/Picture” section.
  1. The recording does not work
  1. There is no SD card in the monitor
  1. Insert a micro SD card (see the “Installing an SD card” and “Menu/Record” sections.)