Make sure that the camera is getting sufficient power from the trailer. To ensure this you can connect the camera
to a 12V car battery.

In some trailers it is not possible to power the camera with the power supply for the interior light of the trailer. Instead we

recommend that you connect the camera with the power supply for the tail lights of the trailer. A few newer car models do

not detect the camera properly and will not supply it with power or a sufficient amount of power. You can then integrate a

resistor, which makes the car detect the camera

If you are sure that the camera gets sufficient power, please try and pair the camera again with the monitor:

On the monitor press the CH button and go to the channel with which you want to pair the camera. Then press and

hold the M/PAIR button on the monitor until the Countdown on the monitor starts. Within the 60 second countdown

on the Monitor press and hold the little pairing button on the back of the camera until the camera has paired with

the monitor and you see the camera picture on the monitor.