Note: If there is no Object size option in your App, please make sure your App is the latest version and your camera supports this feature. The cameras that support this feature are FarmCam 360S.

With this function you can filter objects that will not trigger an alarm based on size. This means that an object smaller than the minimum size or larger than the maximum size will not trigger the alarm if moved. 

Note: The Detections alarm will not work unless the PIR motion sensor is activated.

Please see the following link for instructions on how to change the settings for the PIR motion sensor:

Step 1

Launch the app FarmCam 2.0 and ensure that PIR is activated. Choose the camera whose object size you wish to edit. Select Device Settings (the cogwheel) and select Detection Alarm. Then select Object Size.

Step 2

You can set min/max object size conditions for when person and vehicle motion should generate an alarm.

You set the minimal size by changing the size of the square on the screen. The same applies for the maximum object size. Note that regardless of where the square is placed on the screen the size restrictions will apply to the entire filed of view of the camera.