What is FarmCam Flex?

FarmCam Flex is a unique camera system that allows you to monitor your farm and animals remotely. It is the easiest and most innovative way to extend your network to areas that were previously unreachable.

What is required for installation?

No special tools or skills are required for installation. All you need is a screwdriver, drill, hammer and a ladder. FarmCam Flex is designed with simplicity in mind, making it an easy installation process.

Do I need an internet connection in my barn or farm?

No, FarmCam Flex uses your existing household internet connection. The system includes two antennas that create a wireless internet bridge, eliminating the need for buried cable.

How many cameras can be connected to a Flex Hub unit?

You can connect up to three cameras to one Flex Hub unit. To expand the system, simply add an additional Flex Hub by connecting a network cable between the Flex Hubs. This allows you to connect up to six cameras.

What accessories will be available for the system?

The first accessory that will be released in Q1 2024 is a Wi-Fi hotspot, which makes it possible to connect Wi-Fi devices such as our FarmCam 360S and your smartphone.

What kind of images does the camera deliver?

The camera has a 5MP resolution that provides Quad HD images directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer. It has 64GB of local storage and it is possible to share individual cameras with your colleagues or friends.

Is there an SD card in the camera?

Yes, there is a pre-installed SD card in the camera that can store up to 48 hours of recordings. Recording starts on motion and can be programmed to record only during certain times and days if desired.

What is included in the FarmCam Flex starter kit?

The starter kit contains everything you need to get started: 40 metres of combined network and power cable, allowing you to place the cameras and antennas in optimal locations.

How do I install FarmCam Flex?

1. Mount and connect antenna number 1 to your home router.

2. Mount and connect antenna number 2 to the location you want to monitor.

3. Install and connect the Flex Hub with antenna number 2.

4. Remove the small QR code on the camera and attach it to the Flex Hub.

5. Place the camera(s) around the location you want to monitor.

6. Connect the camera(s) to the Flex Hub device.

7. download the FarmCam 2.0 app.

8. Scan the QR code on the Flex Hub in the FarmCam 2.0 app.