The warranty provided by Luda.Farm covers manufacturing defects in Luda.Farm products.


The warranty does not apply to:
1. Damage because of misuse, intentional or otherwise.
2. Damage because of incorrect installation, improper maintenance, or use of the product in a non-intended way.
3. Damage due to normal wear and tear.
4. Damage resulting from the use of parts or components that are not supplied by Luda.Farm
5. Damage because of liquid ingress or physical impact, caused through weather or other means.
6. Accessories, consumables, or other external parts such as batteries.
7. Software, services, apps and similar.


Authorized Luda.Farm distributors and retailers will act as first-line support and maintain stock of the necessary spare parts. All Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and warranty claims are to be directed to the retailer or distributor from whom the end customer made their purchase. The retailer or distributor will in turn troubleshoot the product, and if necessary, contact Luda.Farm for further processing of the RMA or warranty claim.

The sender is responsible for any costs associated with shipping the product to the Luda.Farm headquarters in Mölndal, Sweden, including but not limited to customs fees. Luda.Farm assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the product incurred during transportation of the product to the Luda.Farm headquarters.

Distributors and retailers who send product(s) to Luda.Farm that are not deemed to be covered by the warranty as part of an RMA or warranty claim will incur a currently 50 EUR service charge for each product. The service charge needs to be paid and settled before the product(s) will be shipped back to the sender. The service cost will cover the shipping of products back to the sender.


The warranty only covers the original product and extends exclusively to the original purchaser of said product, who must be 18 years of age or older. Proof of purchase, such as a receipt and serial number of the product is required for all warranty claims. The warranty is voided upon transfer of ownership of the product. If a product is replaced as part of a warranty claim, the replacement product is only covered for the duration of the original warranty period, and proof of purchase for the original product is still required. Authorized retailers and distributors are not eligible for the warranty.



Duration of Coverage:

The standard warranty is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase, as indicated on the proof of purchase.

Warranty Claim Process:

To initiate a warranty claim:

1. The end user contacts the retailer or distributor from whom the product was purchased and provides them with their proof of purchase.

2. The distributor or retailer attempts to resolve the problem by troubleshooting the product.

3. If the troubleshooting is unsuccessful, the distributor or retailer issues a claim to Luda.Farm by submitting a ticket through or by emailing (note that every claim needs to include proof of purchase).

4. If deemed necessary by a Luda.Farm support agent, arrange for the product to be shipped to Luda.Farm for testing. All claims that are to be shipped to the Luda.Farm headquarters need to have written approval from a Luda.Farm support agent. As per the above terms, the sender is responsible for shipping costs.

5. If the product is determined to be covered by the warranty, Luda.Farm will perform necessary repairs or replace the product. The replacement product may be either new or refurbished and will be returned to the sender free of charge.

6. If the product is found not to be covered by the warranty, it can be returned to the sender upon request, against the service charge, as per the above terms.

For any questions or clarifications regarding these warranty terms, please contact Luda.Farm.