To get started with you can use your computer or smartphone.

Computer: Go to

Smartphone: Go to Appstore/Google Play and download the app "My.Luda.Farm"

1. Create a free account and follow the instructions to create "your farm"

2. Click on "+" and choose FarmCam 2.0

3. Choose "Add"

4. Copy the email details generated:

5. Open your FarmCam 2.0 application and click on the gear icon.  


6. Click on the E-mail setting

7. Enter the following information:

Sender  E-mail: The generated e-mail from

Password: The generated password from

Recipient  E-mail: The generated e-mail from


E-mail test: To check if you have set up the email alerts properly.

Interval:  The length of time that must elapse after the NVR sends an email alert before it will send another. 

SMTP  Server: Choose "Other" and write ""

SSL or TLS: Choose OFF

SMTP Port:  Choose port 25. If it wouldn't work choose port 587 instead.

8. Make sure that Motion detection and E-mail are enabled. You find these settings under "MD Settings"