There can be a few different reasons for SolarCharger to stop charging FarmCam Mobility. Below you find a lis of possible resons that you can go through to troubleshoot. 

Bad connection with the charging contact

Remove and re-insert the charging cable and make sure the contact is good.

Insufficient sun light

Place the SolarCharger in a position with many hours of sun and angle it towards the sun. Avoid placing it close to trees and buildings which shades the sun. 

Low or too high temperature

The battery can not charge below 0 °C and the charging is slower when it's only a few plus degrees. In many countries the SolarCharger can not keep the camera powered during the winter.

Above 45 degrees the battery can not charge more than 90% and above 60 degrees the battery won't charge or power the camera.  

Extensive use of camera

If you use the camera extensively, the camera might consume more power than the SolarCharger is able to charge. Then the battery level will decrease. This can happen during days you use the camera a lot or during periods with less sun. 

Broken battery

To know if the battery is being charged by the SolarPanel, check the charging icon in the app (first picture below) and if the status LED on the camera is red. If neither of them indicates charging, try the included 5V power adapter to see if the battery can be charged.

Dirty and dusty Solar Panel

If the Solar Panel is covered extensively with dust and dirt this has an impact on the charging power 

Please wipe off dust and dirt in reasonable intervals. Do not install the Solar Panel completely horizontal in order to avoid that it becomes covered with dirt and dust too quickly.